Personal transporter, besides good looking, you should also pay attention to this real parameter

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  this is the age of looking appearance, everyone was too much attention on the outside, or ignore the character because of external, but for the transporter of electric one wheel unicycle, especially can not defining the substance by out appearance.

  when people summarize the intelligence bike industry, they might more concerned is how many new models has comes to the markets and won praise,as a consumer, certainly need pay more attention on the price of personal transporter,and now i introduce more electric balancing scooter from reputable Airwheel brand for customer reference.

Personal transporter, besides good looking, you should also pay attention to this real parameter

  Whatever the X series or two wheeled hub Q series, Airwheel has basically established a foundation of the model during the designing periods,since then, the level and grade of Airwheel electric scooter has shaped. The technical are making progress,and keep amendment during the practicing, and later the model of Airwheel unicycle, basically by this, accessories of unicycle continue keep on stability and security.

  The superior motor ensure x3 more smoothly during riding, the excluded the wearing pats in the motor, ensure longer in life of Airwheel unicycle. Many people complained the motor louder noise, which all came from the motor, the modified magnetic motor has become very quiet, feel no noise during the riding, it brings smooth motor and great feeling of riding.

  Besides of motor, the battery is also most worried part by consumer, even the mobile phone, people will consider of distance range of battery, the transporter like unicycle, riding distance are become more important, whatever the previously electric battery or the current lithium battery, they all have malfunction, but the battery using for is the best in the battery field, which applied the most powerful Sony battery of the world, the rider feels the fantastic riding distance.

  The intelligence chip is the important part of unicycle,the selling point of unicycle is self balancing, why it is “self-balancing”? it all rely on the intelligence chip inside, this can sensing to the human variety of positions, and make the unicycle move forward.

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  Buy unicycle should not by look at out shape only, the good looking unicycle doesn’t means best performance , and the best performance does not dis-pointed people by outside.

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